Industrial Tinderbox in Eladrel

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An actual real book I held in my hands! GASP!

Shadows of Self is the third instalment of the Wax and Wayne series, which in itself is the second story arc to the Mistborn saga, taking place some 300 years after the Hero of Ages.

This is basically in Industrial Revolution of Scadriel, complete with worker’s unrest. After saving his fiancée and a coworker from the hands of his presumed-dead uncle’s secret cabal, Wax now faces domestic terrorism where a servant of god had gone mad and now seeks to ‘free’ the city of Elendel by lighting a powder keg of revolution, inciting the factory and dock workers to riot and take over the city.

Of course Wax and Wayne work to stop it making some interesting allies along the way.

We also learn more about the Koloss and the servants of god, as well as perhaps some of the original history of Scadriel and Elendal which is pretty cool.

Took a bit for me to get through, most because it’s proving harder to keep track of what’s going on the longer I go between installments, but overall not bad. Looking forward to the next one Bands of Mourning.

But until then we continue our slow wrap up of the Realms with All Things Through the Bright Flames by Ed Greenwood next.  It’s a random little short story so no preview this time. 😦


Worlds Collide

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Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson is a collection of short stories set in the Cosmere universe which is where all the Mistborn books are set, ebook edition. Several of them have been published separately so if you’re one of those people like me who hate spending money on the same thing twice, might want to be careful with this one.

This one collection holds seven stories: The Emperor’s Soul, Alomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Mistborn: Secret History, White Sands, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, Sixth of Dusk, and Edgedancer.

The Emperor’s Soul was interesting. It’s about a young girl who is kidnapped/drafted into creating a new soul for an emperor who for all intents and purposes is brain dead. The whole concept behind this story is that every object in the world has its own soul, its own being.  And if you are trained properly and have an affinity for it, you can create stamps from special materials and essentially create anything you want from existing objects.  Within reason of course.  And all the theology/history behind this is too complex to put down here, so it’s best you read it yourself

But this young girl is the best at her craft, and to avoid civil war she is imprisoned with the promise of freedom on condition that she uses her abilities and these stamps to recreate the soul of a human being. Something forbidden and incredibly difficult to do.

Alomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania is the story of a gentleman cowboy named…well…Alomancer Jak. It takes place on the same planet as the Mistborn series I think, or at least the same universe since they speak of burning metals and alomancy spikes and Kolossus. Nothing overly noteworthy of this one, just Allomancer Jak stuck out in the wilds and trying to get home without being killed.  Alomancer Jak is also the main character of Sanderson’s young adult series.

Mistborn: Secret History is the bridge between the Mistborn novels, it tells the story of what happened to Kelsier after his death up to Vin sacrificing herself to take out the Lord Ruler. Bit complex and confusing, especially if you have not read the books themselves, but otherwise good.

White Sands is very Assassins Creed style. A sect of assassins lives and trains out in the deserts, using water from their own bodies (essentially) to shape the sands around them into whatever is needed at the time.  Weapon, a bridge, a sloped decent, anything at all.  This one is actually seems to be a manga series that I wouldn’t mind picking up.

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell from my previous review we already know is fantastic.

Sixth of Dusk is another I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. It’s about an old hunter named Sixth of Dusk who hunts on an alien island where everything can kill you, and he find a young woman stranded on the island and tries to save her.  Again, lots of back story that is a bit too complex to explain here, but man I really liked this story and hope I can find more of it.

Edgedancer is part of the Stormlight archives series and takes place between Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. I read this one, but didn’t have much interest in it so meh.

So pretty much everything in here has/will be published separately. Kinda glad I have them all in one place and overall I did enjoy reading Arcanum Unbounded, but you might want to pick and choose which ones you pick up.

Speaking of picking up, we’re checking out Shadows of Self again by Brandon Sanderson next.

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.

Heaven and Hell Collide

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Third in the Her Angel series by Felicity Heaton, Her Warrior Angel is so far the most interesting of the one of this all.

So in Her Fallen Angel, we discover that an angel has been working with demons and got a bunch of people killed, for which Lukas was framed for. Here in Her Warrior Angel, we see the angel Einar team up with demon hunter Taylor to find out exactly why an angel would throw in with a demon.  Turns out, a lot of money.

There’s a new drug trade in town, one mixed with demon blood I think it was? And the trail leads them to the seedy underworld where humans and supernatural collide, knowingly or unknowingly, and where it is eventually revealed that Taylor is only half human.  She’s also half demon, so that plus the consistent aid of Taylor’s ex-boyfriend master vampire to save his life gets Einar into a spot of trouble with the higher ups when they fall into bed together.

Einar and Taylor that is. The vampire was left to his own devices though he might not have minded joining in…

Anywhoodle, we’re going to jump back to Brandon Sanderson and check out his anthology Arcanum Unbounded next.

Brandon Sanderson creates worlds, and those worlds are linked. His universe spans the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series the tales of Elantris, and others, comprising a unique constellation of vividly imagined realms known as the Cosmere.

Now for the first time anywhere, stories representing each of these planets, and their fully realized and distinct magic systems, have been collected in a single spectacular volume. Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection brings together tales spanning the known limits of Sanderson’s universe–including the never-before-published Edgedancer, a thrilling new novella of the Stormlight Archive–along with charts, illustrations, notes…and secrets.


A Demon’s Story: Part 3


Part 2

So anyway, I lived on the streets like that for several years before I stumbled across one of yours mute, amnesiac, and naked in a gutter.  Long story short, I took the boy under my wind and got him back to his people.  Eventually they took me in as well and I lived in relative peace with them, learning more about myself through trial, error, research and discussion.  And for a time, all was well in my world.

But all good things must come to an end, and one day my father rather forcibly came calling.  Seems daddy dearest sensed my growing strength and decided he wanted to be a little more hands on with my training.  So he broke into our home and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Come peacefully with him, or watch him kill everyone I had learned to care about.  Slowly.

Needless to say it wasn’t a hard choice, but I wasn’t stupid either.  I knew if I agreed blindly he would only come back to kill them later.  But I gambled on the fact that my father needed me willing and pliable more than he needed me fighting, and I won.  I had learned enough in my research to exact an oath from him to leave them in peace, which I think is the only reason they’re all still alive today.

So I backed the old man into a corner, he swore his oath, and he took me to hell.

See, my father was, for lack of a better term, a duke of hell, most specifically the fifth circle of hell designated to the sin of lust.

Like I said before, the Christians got it mostly right when they described hell.  The Maker did create everything, heaven, hell, earth, and angels, but not all at the same time.  At first there was only heaven and earth, angels and humans.  There was a rebellion.  Lucifer led the charge with six others: Mammon, Asmodeus, Sataan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Belphegor.  They were all cast down into hell which was created originally to serve as their prison, and over the centuries came to serve as a prison for all damned souls.

The Maker imprisoned each of the fallen angels in their own part of hell; each part dedicated one of the seven sins.  Belphegor was given Sloth, the first and least of the sins, followed by Leviathan with Envy, Beelzebub with Gluttony, Staan with Wrath, Asmodeus with Lust, Mammon with Greed, and set above them all in the last and worst of all sins, Lucifer with Pride.  He twisted them into dark, corrupted forms more fitting their nature and as a result created the first demons.  The Maker also decided that hell would serve as a prison for all dark souls, each sent to a different level depending on their sins.  And from these souls the princes chose the darkest and most twisted in each of their realms to become a duke and serve as the prince’s right hand in the hells as well as on earth.

And the thing you need to keep in mind is that the Maker is really big on balance.  Heaven and earth were meant to mirror each other: mortal and eternal paradise.  But when he created hell, he needed to adjust everything.  So hell was created to be the mirrored, polar opposite of heaven, and earth was then to be the bridge between the two.  A mix of both good and bad.

Now then, the princes are eternally bound to their kingdoms, the Maker saw to that.  And normally demons can’t cross over willy nilly either.  It takes an open door or a stupid human with a little magic for demons to cross the border.  But my father was a clever bastard and managed to tear a hole between Lust and earth and secure it for his own personal needs.  I still don’t know how the fucker did it; I just know that I was able to seal it.  At least temporarily.

Anyways, for centuries he had been running back and forth, raping powerful female psychics in an attempt to breed a new kind of demon that could live both in hell as well as on earth, one that he could train to be his own personal general in a doomsday army.  Cliché, I know, but what else do you expect from demons?  It’s in the blood, their very nature is chaos and destruction, and we’re all born with a very special talent.

You see, when the Maker created the world, he decided how it would end.  When he created humans, he decided humans would be the key to when doomsday happens.  When he created demons, they began to corrupt the humans, thus setting into motion the eternal contest.  Whether it was intentional or not is moot.  The point is that now angels and demons fight over souls, and more often than not those are the very souls that can hasten or impede the end of the world by the length of a century or more.

When hell was first created, he gave angels the gift of this sight in order to properly judge the souls and send them to their eternal salvation or damnation.  But, this gave the angels an advantage over the demons when it came to saving the vulnerable souls, so he gave it to the demons as well.  Both sides would know where to pick and prod at the soul to bend them to their will; it would be solely up to the resolve of the human as to whether or not they fell to the outside will.  Balance and free will and all that crap.

So demons and angels know how the world will end, but that how changes all the time as souls are damned or saved.  But in one such ‘vision’ let’s call them; my father saw a demon/human half breed hybrid of his blood leading an army of hell against the world and speeding up the apocalypse by millennia.  These visions led him to potential mates that would be suitable to breed such a hybrid and one time he lucked out and got me.

But as you can guess my father was not the parental sort, and it is not in the nature of demons to care for their spawn or offspring until they show some use or potential.  My father was no different.  He impregnated my mother, placed a blood binding on me, and left us to our own devices until my powers awoke in me to sufficient amounts that the binding was alerted and he took notice of me once more and came to reclaim me and train me in hell.

I look young, but I am far, far older than all of you combined.  In your time, I only spent two years in hell.  But time runs differently between the realms.  One year here on earth, one year of a mortal’s lifespan, is the equivalent to one millennium, one thousand years in heaven or hell.  I lucked out on genetics roulette and I bred more true to my demonic heritage than human.

I…cannot begin to describe hell to you.  It is different for everyone, for again, each person is sent to the circle representing the sin they are most guilty of, and there they are tortured for eternity by whatever it is that they fear or loathe most in the world.  It is designed to break you and make you suffer to the utmost mentally and physically for all eternity.

For me, I was not punished for I was not damned.  Instead, I went through ‘training’.  Which basically means for the first thousand years or so I was the personal cum bucket for anything with a dick or a twat that took notice of me, including my own father.

Oh please.  Don’t look so surprised.  You really think it would have happened any other way?  That being imprisoned in the realm of lust I would have been unmolested for my entire stay there?  Either you’re incredibly hopeful or incredibly stupid.

My father’s intent during that time was to break me so he could remake me.  So physically, he gave my body to whoever wanted it, and took it when he was bored.  But such actions always come with consequences, and he used those against me too.

I was impregnated.  Frequently.  I actually lost count at one point.  I was more fertile than a demon, and had a faster gestation rate for my spawn than a human.  Sometimes they had contests to see how many times they could impregnate me in a decade.  The spawn I bore…my father devised various fates for them.  A few were given as slave gifts before being raped, killed and eaten.  Sometimes they strapped me down and tore into my belly as my time came near and pulled the creature from me before ripping it apart or feasting on it.  Once several of them lived to be fattened like cattle before being served at a feast for.  Most were torn apart in front of my eyes even as we screamed in the agonies of birth.  And one…one was allowed to live.  Until I killed her.

Part 4

A Demon’s Story: Part 2


Part 1

It was years before I realized there is a name for creatures like me, half human half demon spawn: Cambions.  From what my mother told me I figured my father was likely an Incubus demon, a male demon who raped women in their sleep, a demon of lust, sex, and desire from the second circle of hell.  That made me half Succubus, the female counterpart to the Incubus demon.

Surprisingly enough, the humans got a lot of it right.  If you look at Christianity, they claim there are nine levels of hell, ruled over by seven demon princes, all of whom were once angels but when they rebelled against heaven they were cast down for their sins and the one who lead them to rebellion was given to rule over them in the realm of pain and suffering they found themselves bound to.

But that knowledge was long in coming.  First I was sent into foster care since I had no other blood relatives-at least none that could be found-and I shared the fate of many other human fosterlings, bouncing from home to home for a few years before I finally ran off and started living on the streets.

It was equal parts harder and easier for me than most living on the streets I think.  Owing to my dual nature I had been born with dual abilities.  From my mother I gained the ability to see auras, and from my father the ability to see a mortal’s soul.  And yes, there is a difference.  Auras are like halos of color outlining a person and those colors can tell you the most basic things about what kind of person you are, whether you are kind, violent, greedy, or what not.  But reading an aura is like reading a summarized version of a soul.

Souls are obviously larger and more complex than auras.  Where auras are halos of shifting color and light, souls are like…well for lack of a better analogy they’re like glasses of milk filled with a multitude of food color droplets in every shade you can think of.  The glass is the body that houses the soul, the milk is the essence of the soul itself, and the food color droplets represent every personality trait, quirk, emotion and psychosis you can name.  It’s the closest you can get to mind reading without digging around in someone’s brain.

The only problem with souls is that’s all you can see when you look at a person.  Just like looking at a glass of milk where you see the outlines of the glass, so too when I look at anything human I don’t see what they are, but who they are.  I see humanoid shapes of white enveloping these swirling kaleidoscopes of color with vague markings for mouths, eyes, and nose.

And no, I don’t have anything like xray vision either jerks.  The less clothing you wear the more of your soul I see, but if it wasn’t for photographs and mirrors I wouldn’t know what anyone looks like.  Pervs.

So anyway, that nifty little genetic quirk of mine made it easier on me because I could spot the bad ones a mile off and steer clear.  I was also able to find the good ones to help me fill my belly and warm my nights with an extra blanket or two.

The hardest thing about being on the street was that the bad ones were constantly drawn to me until I figured out to keep my eyes covered.  You see, demons are long lived creature.  Eternal actually, so long as they keep certain body parts whole and intact.  So for me when my home caught on fire that was a grossly abnormal manifestation of my powers.  Imagine a human infant, still in the womb, having the intelligence and communicative skills to win a Nobel Peace Prize and you’ll come close to how much of an abomination I was.

As a result I had these powers that I had to learn to control quickly.  And that’s a little bit easier said than done when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing in the first place.

One latent ability of a succubus is the ability to attract men via…fuck… anything really.  Looks, scents, body language, you name it a succubus can do it and it screams ‘Fuck Me’ in bright flashing neon letters as it does so.  But each succubus specializes in one form of seduction.  And unbeknownst to me, my specialty was my eyes.

When my powers manifested for the first time that night, not only were many of my demon abilities switched to ‘on’ or ‘standby’, one physical demonic characteristic broke through the human breeding: solid gemstone colored eyes.  You know that show Supernatural?  The one where the two brothers drive around the country killing monsters and demons?  No?  Ah well, it’s a really good show and one thing they got semi-right about demons was the eyes.

Demons are identifiable by their solid black eyes in the show, all pupil, no iris or whites.  In reality, demons so have solid colored eyes, albeit not always black.  Mine are emerald green.  Some are ruby red, sapphire blue, cobalt grey, so on and so forth.  The colors run the spectrum of every precious and semi-precious stone, metal, and mineral you can think of, along with their hair tones.  I think it has something to do with corrupting angels by being so close to earth.  Angels generally have white or silver eyes and normal hair tones.

Anyways my specialization as I was saying is my eyes and the looks I give men.  It is something I can control, but it was turned on the night of the fire and it took me years to figure out what was going on and how to turn it off at will.  But like I said, at first I didn’t know.  I was going around, minding my own business, but every time I looked a man in the eyes he was fucked.  I was sending out this…visual pheromone and I didn’t even know it.

So while I saw the bad ones coming, sometimes it wasn’t before they saw me so I spent a lot of time moving around.  Eventually I caught on to what was going on, and the first thing I did was score some thick, dark shades to hide my eyes.  No eye contact, no problem.  It took me longer to figure out the off switch so I could walk around like a relatively normal person, but it happened.

Okay you can stop looking at me like that.

Like I’m a snake that’s about to bite you!  Never mind the fact that the laws of hospitality forbid me from using any of my powers on you outside of self defense, have you not noticed I have not taken my sunglasses off since you walked through my door?  So long as our eyes do not meet, you’re safe so stop fidgeting around like your pants are on fire.

Besides, the best way to tell if I’ve worked that part of my mojo on you is to ask yourself if you would be willing to follow me into hell.  And I’m not talking the figurative hell that most of you mortals speak of.  Hell is real.  It is not fun.  I should know, I was broken there and remade in my father’s image.

Part 3

A Demon’s Story: Part 1

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My name?  Ugh.  Why do you want to know that?  Isn’t it enough to know that I am intelligent, charming, beautiful, capable-

Oh don’t look at me like that.  You know I’m just playing around.

Fine then Mr. Killjoy.  My name is Katarina Esmerelda Daemonova.  Try saying that three times fast.  Now whether or not that is the name I was born with makes no difference.  It is who I am now and who I have been for a long, long time.

Now the first thing you need to understand is that my species is bound by laws far older than your precious goddess, one of them being when I swear an oath I cannot break it.  And so I will swear one to you now in hopes of limiting your disbelief to the tale I am to tell.  I don’t have time to waste in trying to convince you so I swear on blood and brimstone that everything I am about to tell you about myself and the younglings is true.  And I pray to the Maker that I am not wasting my breath.

I was born here, in this city to a human female who just so happened to be the most powerful psychic of her time of which I picked up more than a few of her gifts.  But as these things go such power always comes with a cost.  For as long as I knew her my mother was bat crap crazy.  Where most psychics could filter out the ambient thoughts and emotions they picked up from other people, my mother had no such filter and was constantly barraged with foreign dialogue and feelings and as s result she frequently broke from reality and saw things considered crazy even for someone of her talents.  And from the moment I was able to comprehend the meaning of the words, she claimed my father was a demon.

She said he visited her in her sleep a night for years, courting her, seducing her, before he turned and started torturing her.  He waited for her to hate him, for her mind to snap from the strain before he raped her.  Of course at first I just this up to a standard issue case of the mommy crazies, until the night I burned our house down.

Mother never had good taste in men.  To be fair crazy never does.  She went through a steady stream of drunkards, bastards, and abusers, but the last one she had was the worst.  I’ll spare you the gory details and fast forward to the main event.  After living with the fucker for a year, he decided to crawl into bed with me one night.  I was eight years old.  I didn’t know what was happening; I only knew I wanted it to stop.

What, are you surprised by that?  Did you honestly think that my childhood was all rainbows and cupcake shitting unicorns?  Please.  You of all people know that little in this world is good, and few go through life without a few scars or tales to tell.

And if you fucking look at me like that again I’ll rip your fucking eyes out.  I don’t need your pity.  My life is just that.  Mine.  For good, bad or indifferent it’s all shaped me to who I am now and I’ll be damned if I let anyone make me feel ashamed of it.

I still don’t know exactly how it happened.  One minute I was lying naked underneath him, my eyes squeezed shut against what was happening, and the next thing I knew he had leapt off me screaming in agony, slapping at the flames that danced across his bare flesh as he flailed around the room.  I looked around for the source of the flames, and realized they were coming from me.  My flesh was on fire too, but it wasn’t burning and I felt no heat, no pain.

Even then I think things would have been okay because my bed itself wasn’t burning either, so I think it was his flailing that did it really.  He spread the flames even as he tried to put them out.  The fire spread so fast, igniting in spots everywhere as bits of burning flesh dropped off him.  I don’t think my mother woke from the stupor her latest round of anti-psychotics had put her in.  That thought comforts me at night sometimes, knowing that she didn’t wake, she didn’t suffer, she didn’t know.

My mother was unstable, psychotic, and crazy and had lousy taste in men but she tried her damnedest to be a good mom.  She fought what she heard and saw to protect me, tried every kind of drug under the sun to make the voices stop, and to this day I think she told me about my patronage in an attempt to arm me to defend myself.  I think she saw what was coming but couldn’t trust herself on whether it was real or imagined.

Everyone said it was a miracle the fire didn’t spread any farther than our house.  That I was lucky to be alive, naked and stained with soot when I was found just outside the smoldering ruins without a mark on me.  But I knew differently.  It was then that I knew that what my mother told me was true.  I was the child of a demon.

Part 2

Realms List 2012

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I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but hey.  It’s close enough I feel I can post the updated Forgotten Realms list with relative impunity.

All books listed have been published*, all ISBN numbers are related to the mass market editions*, and for shits and giggles, I’ve bolded the titles I do not own.

Enjoy folks.

*-unless otherwise noted

Abolethic Sovereignty

  • Plague of spells                     (9780786949656)
  • City of torment                       (9780786951840)
  • Key of Stars                            (9780786956289)

Abyssal Plague

  • Sword of the Gods               (9780786957392)
  • Shadowbane                          (9780786958023) (TBR Jan 2035)


  • Realms of Valor                     (9781560765578)
  • Realms of Infamy                   (9781560769118)
  • Realms of Magic                    (9780786903030)
  • Realms of the Underdark     (9780786904877)
  • Realms of the Arcane            (9780786906475)
  • Realms of Mystery                                 (9780786911714)
  • Realms of the Deep               (9780786915682)
  • Halls of Stormweather           (9780786942442)
  • Realms of Shadows              (9780786927166)
  • Best of the Realms                (9780786930241)
  • Best of the Realms II             (9780786937608)
  • Best of the Realms III            (9780786942886)
  • Realms of the Dragons         (9780786933945)
  • Realms of the Dragons II      (9780786938087)
  • Realms of the Elves              (9780786939800)
  • Realms of the Dead               (9780786953639)
  • The Collected Stories: The Legend of Drizzt                   (9780786957385)
  • Neverwinter Nights               (9780786918164)

Avatar Series

  • Shadowdale                           (9780880387309)
  • Tantras                                   (9780880387484)
  • Waterdeep                             (9780880387590)
  • Prince of Lies                         (9781560766261)
  • Crucible: Trial of Cyric the Mad             (9780786907243)

Baldur’s Gate

  • Baldur’s Gate                         (9780786915255)
  • “ ”  Shadows of Amn             (9780786915699)
  • “” Throne of Bhaal                 (9780786919857)

Blades of the Moonsea

  • Sword Mage                           (9780786950225)
  • Corsair                                   (9780786953073)
  • Avenger                                  (9780786955756)

Brotherhood of the Griffon

  • The Captive Flame                                (9780786953967)
  • Hand of the Hunter                               (9780786955619)
  • The Spectral Blaze                                (9780786957989)
  • The Masked Witches                          (9780786959822)
  • Prophet of the Dead                (9780786963614)  -TBR Feb 2013

Chosen of Nendawen

  • Fall of High Watch                                (9780786951437)
  • Hand of the Hunter                               (9780786956272)
  • Cry of the Ghost Wolves                        (9780786958474)


  • Sentinelspire                         (9780786949373)
  • Obsidian Ridge                     (9780786947850)
  • Shield of Weeping Ghosts (9780786948772)
  • Neversfall                               (9780786947829)

The Cities

  • City of Ravens                       (9780786914012)
  • Temple Hill                             (9780786918713)
  • Jewel of Turmish                   (9780786926985)
  • City of Splendors                  (9780786914012)

Cleric Quintet

  • Canticle                                  ( 9780786916047)
  • In Sylvan Shadows                               (9780786916054)
  • Night Masks                           (9780786916061)
  • The Fallen Fortress                              (9780786916078)
  • The Chaos Curse                  (9780786916085)

Cormyr Saga

  • Cormyr: A Novel                    (9780786907106)
  • Beyond the High Road         (9780786914364)
  • Death of the Dragon             (9780786918638)

Counselors and Kings

  • The Magehound                    (9780786915613)
  • The Floodgate                       (9780786918188)
  • The Wizardwar                      (9780786927043)

Dark Elf Trilogy

  • Homeland                              (9780880389051)
  • Exile                                        (9780880389204)
  • Sojourn                                  (9781560760474)

Double Diamond Triangle Saga

  • The Abduction                       (9780786908646)
  • The Paladins                         (9780786908653)
  • The Mercenaries                   (9780786908660)
  • Errand of Mercy                     (9780786908677)
  • An Opportunity for Profit      (9780786908684)
  • Conspiracy                            (9780786908691)
  • Uneasy Alliances                  (9780786908707)
  • Easy Betrayals                       (9780786908714)
  • The Diamond                         (9780786908721)

Druidhome Trilogy

  • Prophet of Moonshae           (9781560763192)
  • The Coral Kingdom              (9781560763321)
  • The Druid Queen                   (9781560765684)

The Dungeons

  • Depths of Madness                               (9780786943142)
  • The Howling Delve                               (9780786942787)
  • Stardeep                                                 (9780786943388)
  • Crypt of the Moaning Diamond    (9780786947140)

The Elminster Series

  • Elminster- Making of a Mage   (9780786902033)
  • Elminster in Myth Drannor   (9780786911905)
  • The Temptation of Elminster  (9780786914272)
  • Elminster in Hell                    (9780786927463)
  • Elminster’s Daughter             (9780786937684)

The Empires Trilogy

  • Horselords                             (9780880389044)
  • Dragonwall                            (9780880389198)
  • Crusade                                  (9780880389082)

The Empyrean Odyssey

  • The Gossamer Plain             (9780786940240)
  • The Fractured Sky                (9780786948079)
  • The Crystal Mountain           (9780786952359)

The Erevis Cale Trilogy

  • Twilight Falling                     (9780786929986)
  • Dawn of Night                        (9780786932252)
  • Midnight’s Mask                    (9780786936434)

The Fighters

  • Master of Chains                   (9780786938001)
  • Ghostwalker                          (9780786939626)
  • Son of Thunder                     (9780786939602)
  • Bladesinger                           (9780786938353)

The Finder’s Stone Trilogy

  • Azure Bonds                          (9780880386128)
  • The Wyvern’s Spur             (9780880389020)
  • Song of the Saurials             (9781560760603)

The Harpers

  • The Parched Sea                   (9781560760672 )
  • Elfshadow                              (9781560761174)
  • Red Magic                     (9781560761181)
  • The Night Parade                  (9781560763239)
  • The Ring of Winter           (9781560763307)
  • Crypt of the Shadowking     (9781560765943)
  • Soldiers of Ice              (9781560766414)
  • Elfsong                                   (9781560766797)
  • Crown of Fire                         (9781560768395)
  • Masquerades,                        (9780786901524)
  • Curse of the Shadowmage   (9780786901913)
  • The Veiled Dragon               (9780786904822)
  • Silver Shadows                     (9780786904983)
  • Stormlight                              (9780786905201)
  • Finder’s Bane             (9780786906581)
  • Thornhold                             (9780786911776)

The Haunted Lands

  • Unclean                                  (9780786942589)
  • Undead                                  (9780786947836)
  • Unholy                                   (9780786950218)

House of Serpents

  • Venom’s Taste                       (9780786931668)
  • Viper’s Kiss                            (9780786936168)
  • Vanity’s Brood                       (9780786939824)

The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy

  • The Thousand Orcs             (9780786929801)
  • The Lone Drow                      (9780786932283)
  • The Two Swords                   (9780786937905)

The Icewind Dale Trilogy

  • The Crystal Shard                (9780880385350)
  • Streams of Silver                   (9780880386722)
  • The Halfling’s Gem               (9780880389013)

The Knights of Myth Drannor

  • Swords of Eveningstar         (9780786942725)
  • Swords of Dragonfire           (9780786948628)
  • The Sword Never Sleeps      (9780786949144)

The Lady Penitent

  • Sacrifice of the Widow          (9780786942503)
  • Storm of the Dead                   (9780786947010)
  • Ascendancy of the Last        (9780786948642)

The Last Mythal

  • Forsaken House                    (9780786932603)
  • Farthest Reach                      (9780786937561)
  • Final Gate                              (9780786940028)

Legacy of the Drow

  • The Legacy                            (9781560766407)
  • Starless Night                        (9781560768807)
  • Siege of Darkness               (9780786901647)
  • Passage to Dawn                  (9780786907502)

Lost Empires

  • Lost Library of Cormanthyr (9780786907359)
  • Faces of Deception         (9780786911837)
  • Star of Cursrah                      (9780786913220)
  • Nether Scrolls                        (9780786915668)

The Lost Gods

  • Finder’s Bane                        (9780786906581)
  • Fistandantilus Reborn          (9780786907083)
  • Tymora’s Luck                                      (9780786907267)

The Maztica Trilogy

  • Ironhelm                               (9780880389037)
  • Viperhand                              (9780880389075)
  • Feathered Dragon               (9781560760450)

The Moonshae Trilogy

  • Darkwalker on Moonshae    (9780786935604)
  • Black Wizards                        (9780786935635)
  • Darkwell                                   (9780786935666)
  • Rose of Sarifal                       (9780786930265)


  • Murder in Cormyr                  (9780786911738)
  • Murder in Halruaa                  (9780786905218)

Netheril Trilogy

  • Sword Play                             (9780786904921)
  • Dangerous Games                (9780786905249)
  • Mortal Consequences          (9780786906833)


  • Gauntlgrym                            (9780786958023)
  • Neverwinter                            (9780786960272)
  • Charon’s Claw               (9780786963621)     -TBR Feb 2013

The Nobles

  • King Pinch                             (9780786901272)
  • War in Tethyr                         (9780786901845)
  • Escape from Undermountain (9780786904778)
  • The Mage in the Iron Mask (9780786905065)
  • The Council of Blades          (9780786905317)
  • The Simbul’s Gift                   (9780786907632)

Paths of Darkness

  • The Silent Blade                    (9780786913886)
  • The Spine of the World        (9780786914043)
  • Servant of the Shard             (9780786918782)
  • Sea of Swords                       (9780786927722)

Pools Trilogy

  • Pool of Radiance                  (9780880387354)
  • Pools of Darkness                 (9781560763185)
  • Pool of Twilight                     (9781560765820)

The Priests

  • Lady of Poison                      (9780786931613)
  • Mistress of the Night          (9780786933464)
  • Maiden of Pain                      (9780786937646)
  • Queen of the Depths             (9780786937370)

Return of the Archwizards

  • The Summoning                    (9780786918010)
  • The Siege                                 (9780786919055)
  • The Sorcerer                          (9780786927951)

The Rogues

  • The Alabaster Staff                                (9780786929627)
  • The Black Bouquet                                (9780786930425)
  • The Crimson Gold                                (9780786931200)
  • The Yellow Silk                                       (9780786931521)

The Sage of Shadowdale

  • Elminster Must Die                                (9780786957996)
  • Bury Elminster Deep                          (9780786960248)
  • Elminster Enraged                   (9780786963638)

The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy

  • The Sapphire Crescent        (9780786930272)
  • The Ruby Guardian               (9780786933822)
  • The Emerald Sceptre            (9780786937547)

The Sellswords

  • Servant of the Shard             (9780786939503)
  • Promise of the Witch-King   (9780786940738)
  • Road of the Patriarch            (9780786942770)


  • Shadow’s Witness                    (9780786942596)
  • The Shattered Mask              (9780786942664)
  • Black Wolf                              (9780786942831)
  • Heirs of Prophecy                (9780786942909)
  • Sands of the Soul                  (9780786943371)
  • Lord of Stormweather           (9780786929320)

The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy

  • Shadows of Doom                                (9780786903009)
  • Cloak of Shadows                                 (9780786903016)
  • All Shadows Fled                                (9780786903023)

Shandril’s Saga

  • Spellfire                                 (9780786935994)
  • Crown of Fire                         (9780786936199)
  • Hand of Fire                           (9780786936465)

Starlight & Shadows

  • Daughter of the Drow            (9780786929290)
  • Tangled Webs                       (9780786929597)
  • Windwalker                            (9780786931842)

Songs & Swords

  • Elfshadow                              (9780786916603)
  • Elfsong                         (9780786916610)
  • Silver Shadows           (9780786917990)
  • Thornhold                    (9780786918089)
  • The Dream Spheres              (9780786913428)

The Threat from the Sea

  • Rising Tide                            (9780786913121)
  • Under Fallen Stars               (9780786913787)
  • The Sea Devil’s Eye              (9780786916382)


  • The Orc King                         (9780786943401)
  • The Pirate King                      (9780786951444)
  • The Ghost King                     (9780786954995)

The Twilight Giants

  • Ogre’s Pact                            (9780786937318)
  • Giant Among Us                    (9780786937585)
  • Titan of Twilight                    (9780786937981)

The Twilight War

  • Shadowbred                          (9780786940776)
  • Shadowstorm                        (9780786943043)
  • Shadowrealm                         (9780786948635)

Unbroken Chain

  • Unbroken Chain                    (9780786956265)
  • “”: The Darker Road              (9780786955336)

War of the Spider Queen

  • Dissolution                            (9780786929443)
  • Insurrection                           (9780786930333)
  • Condemnation                      (9780786932023)
  • Extinction                               (9780786935963)
  • Annihilation                           (9780786937523)
  • Resurrection                          (9780786939817)

 The Watercourse Trilogy

  • Whisper of Waves                 (9780786938377)
  • Lies of Light                           (9780786940196)
  • Scream of Stone                    (9780786942718)

Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep

  • Blackstaff Tower                    (I9780786949137)
  • Mistshore                               (9780786949663)
  • Downshadow                        (9780786951284)
  • City of the Dead                     (9780786951291)
  • The God Catcher                  (9780786954865)
  • Circle of Skulls                      (9780786954858)

The Wilds

  • The Fanged Crown,              (9780786950935)
  • The Restless Shore              (9780786951314)
  • The Edge of Chaos                   (9780786951895)
  • Wrath of the Blue Lady         (9780786951895)

The Wizards

  • Blackstaff                                (9780786940165)
  • Bloodwalk                              (9780786940189)
  • Darkvision                             (9780786940172)
  • Frostfell                                  (9780786942459)

The Year of Rogue Dragons

  • The Rage                               (9780786931873)
  • The Rite                                  (9780786935819)
  • The Ruin                                  (9780786940035)

Other titles

  • Once Around the Realms     (9780786901197)
  • Evermeet: Island of Elves     (9780786913541)
  • The Shadow Stone                               (9780786911868)
  • The Glass Prison                  (9780786913435)
  • Silverfall                      (9780786913657; 9780786935727)
  • Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor      ( 9780786913879)
  • Dawnbringer                          (9780786957941)
  • Sandstorm                             (9780786957422)
  • Venom in her Veins                              (9780786959846)
  • Brimstone Angels                  (9780786958467)
  • Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils (9780786963768) TBR Dec 2012
  • Rose of Sarifal                       (9780786930265)
  • The Gilded Rune                   (978796960309)
  • Stone of Tymora                 (9780786962242)    -Hardcover

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