Dragon Age II Stories

Right now all of my Dragon Age II stories are what I like to think happens to my character in, around, and after the events of the game. An ongoing work in progress, I was inspired to start writing my own stories after I stumbled across several Dragon Age fan fic blogs. And since I was right in the middle of Dragon Age II, I figured I’d try my hand at this.

I usually play a warrior character in my RPGs, but this time round I wanted to try something different. So for those interested in how I played the game, I created a charming human female rogue, duel sword wielder. She sided with the mages, and was able to successfully complete and keep a romance with Fenris.

For the record: I’m glad I broke out of my warrior character comfort zone. I had a lot of fun with my rogue.

And away we go…
Aftershocks: This story takes place after the main events of Dragon Age II. The Mages and Templars have rebelled, and our hero Tanis has disappeared into the ether with her lover Fenris. That is, until they hear rumors of a Warden Apostate Mage hiding in the Kokari Wilds of Fereldan….

Back to Kirkwall: Tanis and Fenris head back to Kirkwall, back to where it all began, and have to make some very hard choices when they get there…

Odds n’ Sods: The adventures of Tanis, Áedán, Fenris and the others in and around the game and my Aftershocks/Back to Kirkwall stories.

  • Our First Night: In game, there are two love scenes between Tanis and Fenris, but of course it’s censored. This is my uncensored version of the first one for those interested. Aka: Warning! Mature, adult content ahead.

    A Long Time Coming: The second romance scene between Tanis and Fenris. Again, uncensored. Same Warning! applies.

Please note (aka Disclaimer): Everything here is originally created fan fiction. The setting and all characters except Tanis and Áedán are the property of Bioware from their game Dragon Age II and subsequent DLC. No infringement is intended. All images used are courtesy of the Dragon Age Wiki unless otherwise noted. I’m not too tech savvy. Haven’t figured out how to take 360 screen shots and put them on my computer…

You may not copy my work, publish it in any form, or post it on another web site in whole or part without my permission. The Interweb gods will not be pleased if you do.

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