Philippa Gregory: The Tudors & More

I love Philippa Gregory’s works on the Tudor dynasty and the war between the Red and White roses.  I’ve read most all of them and felt it was only right she get her own page now.

And away we go…

The Wideacre trilogy

  • Wideacre
  • The Favored Child
  • Meridon

Earthly Joys

  • Earthly Joys
  • Virgin Earth

The Tudor Court series

  1. The Lady of the Rivers
  2. The White Queen
  3. The Red Queen
  4. The Kingmaker’s Daughter
  5. The White Princess
  6. The Constant Princess
  7. The King’s Curse
  8. Three Sisters, Three Queens -coming soon!
  9. The Other Boleyn Girl
  10. The Boleyn Inheritance
  11. The Taming of the Queen
  12. The Queen’s Fool
  13. The Virgin’s Lover
  14. The Last Tudor
  15. The Other Queen

Young Adult/Children’s works

  • Diggory and the Boa Conductor
  • The Little Pet Dragon
  • Princess Florizella
  • Princess Florizella and the Giant
  • Princess Florizella and the Wolves

The Order of Darkness

  • Changeling (2012)
  • Stormbringers (2013)
  • Fools’ Gold (2014)

Other Works

  • A Respectable Trade
  • The Wise Woman
  • Fallen Skies
  • The Little House
  • Zelda’s Cut
  • Perfectly Correct
  • Alice Hartley’s Happiness
  • Bread and Chocolate
  • The Women of the Cousins’ War: The Duchess, the Queen and the King’s Mother (non fiction)
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